March / April Meeting Notes:

The next meetup is scheduled for Tuesday May 8th at 7:30

Topic: Financing/Funding – please feel free to add to the agenda with any ideas, resources, and experience getting funding for your business and projects.

Location TBD


Notes: 4/10/12 meeting

-Introductions: A few new people were able to attend, brief introductions about our work and background

-Quote of the night: “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter”

-We discussed small manufacturing and small business in Chicago
-how Chicago embraces small business and how they could better support smaller business
-some of the obstacles of owning a small business in Chicago
-the relationships between design + manufacturing
-Events coming up that are showcasing small business
-Version Fest 2012:
-Sharon (Strand Design) and Bridgette (Bridgette Buckley Studio) are participating in pop-up shop in May.
-Small Manufacturing Alliance:
-Manual Labor Show – May 11th:

-We talked a little about e-commerce sties and some options for this
-Big Cartel:
-Apple square card reader

-Other Resources and organizations that were mentioned:
-Our studio is in one of their buildings

-Sharon is putting together a blog for the group (Thanks Sharon!)

-Event happening this weekend:
-Architecture and Design Film Fest:


Notes: 3/06/12 meeting


-A little history of the Portland group and what we successful how to share some of that success in Chicago

-Goals we have for the group, what everyone would want to get out of a group like this in Chicago:
-Building a community of awesomeness (we didnt exactly put it like that but ya know)
-Business connections
-Resource sharing / pooling resources
-Knowledge sharing
-Skillset sharing
-Business resource sharing
-Relationship building
-Private vs. public
-Growing organically
-Any professional women in the design field welcome
-Possibly showcasing work in the future to increase visablity for our work
-Dual show with Portland group at some point?
-Sharing creative ideas and projects we may be working on / through
-Topic Discussions
-Dealing with clients
-Managing bad experiences professionaly
-Keeping good clients happy
-Managing stress / balance
-Sharon teaches yoga and had some good suggestions
-Successful marketing
-Guest speakers
-Other artists and designers sharing their work / story

Groups that already exist in Chicago and how we can study their successes or get involved
-Sharon talked about the LEEDS group she recently connected with
-Green Drinks
-They have a resource aspect of their site could we add to it?

Creating a Blog for group
-Expand resource sharing
-House notes / agendas / calendars
-Inspiration / books / articles

Name – admittingly the name LAWD was a little tongue and cheek and could risk not taken serious.
-Discussed possibly LWD (League of Women Designers – Chicago

Generally Weekdays at 7:30 work for most of the group.
-Keeping notes will help keep everyone in the loop when they can not attend that month.
-Once a month to keep momentum.

-Meet each other and introduce our work / background
-I will talk a little about what made the Portland group inspirational and successful
-Talk about what goals we might have for a group like this in Chicago
-How often you might want to meet and what times, days work best for everyone
-Name change, Chicago chapter, no name
*please feel to add anything