May Meeting Notes

Notes: 4/10/12 meeting

The next meetup is scheduled for Tuesday June 19th at 7:30

Topic: Financing/Funding – please feel free to add to the agenda with any ideas, resources, and experience getting funding for your business and projects.


Studio of Strand Design / INDO

1008 W. Randolph St.


The setting of the bar was more casual so we drifted from the originally scheduled topic and kept the conversation casual and inspiring.  The topic of funding and financing is moved to next months meeting.  Please feel free to add to the agenda with any ideas or resources on the topic

-Sharon and I talked about our experience and thoughts on the Small showroom show and talked about the organization and their goals to help make Bridgeport a more vibrant destination neighborhood.  If you get a chance the showroom will be open until the end of May.

-Sharon would like us to think about putting together a collective show in the next 6 months or so. We will keep this conversation going and welcome any thoughts and ideas.

-Donna attended an event about the organization “Waste to Profit” and gave us a recap.  This is an organization in support of the reuse of post-industrial waste.

Here are some helpful links to that discussion

It reminded me a little of this organization and I wanted to share: The Natural Step Network

-Gillian was lucky to attend an event through “Power Women’s Networking”.  She gave us a recap of the nights events and shared the experience of being in a room of powerful women with great stories. Keynote speaker was Carla A. Harris, Author, Expect To Win

We discussed our recent inspiration and readings.


-The Architect and The Painter

-Exit Through The Gift Shop

-Tanya mentioned this: The Secret Life of Machines.  She is right, the human demonstration is great!


-Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products

-Keeping Score: Project Management for the Pros

-A Visit from the Goon Squad

-Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion

-you can also find Lizzie’s blog here:

Upcoming shows L(a)WD members are a part of:

-Sharon (Strand Design) is involved in the show Manual Labor – This Friday May 11th

Explore Fulton Market is this Saturday May 12th

The Guerrilla Truck Show, June 12th

Thanks again for the great inspiring conversations. Please add or continue the notes with anything that I may have missed.

Please sign up and continue to add to the blog.  Sharing events, inspiration, projects,  ect.