June Meeting Notes

Notes: 6/19/12 meeting

The next meetup is scheduled for Tuesday July 17th at 7:30

Topic: Possible guest speaker for round table discussion.

Location: TBD


We talked about how small creative businesses can seek out funding opportunities outside of the formal bank loan setting.  The struggle to delineate grants for art vs creative for profit businesses and the opportunites that exist.

Kickstarter – this is a resource some of us have already experienced success.  This tool for upstarting an idea can be crucial not only for finanicial side but also to show that your product has strength in the market.

Organizations that give grants:




-SBIF and TIF grant funding for revitilizing Chicago neighborhoods.  http://www.somercor.com/sbif/

We disussed programs and matching funds given to jobs in the manufacturing sector.  Programs set into place to help businesses take on more employees to advance production on some level to overall help job growth and business growth.



Being WBE certified may open doors to future opportunites or funding.  If your business is at least 51% female owned it may be worth looking into.


Sharon from Strand Design is applying for this grant but first they need your vote.


-Enter the business name “Strand Design” and click


-We discussed the percentage of a customer base that actually will read a newsletter or email sent out.  With a rate of about 15% you probably wont be spamming to much to email a couple times.  We should revisit this topic in the future.


-As part of a bigger mission for the group and to help give a larger purpose we talked about putting together a group show for January / February  of 2013.

-We are planning a group retreat for August.  More information on this coming.

Thanks again for the great inspiring conversations. Please add or continue the notes with anything that I may have missed.

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