July Meeting Notes

Notes: 7/17/12 meeting

Great meeting last night.  A huge thanks to member Tanya Fleisher from Winter Session for hosting and opening up her studio and workshop!

She shared with us their original inspirations and prototypes and what they are currently working on and working towards.  So much inspiration to see how they have grown in just over 2 years.  Great conversations about working collaboratively and balancing a growing business, including moving from piecework to full production and how to do that successfully, as well as the honest bumps in that road to success!

You can view more on their work and inside their studio/workshop here:


You can also view a recent bike saddlebag collaboration they did with Scout Regalia: http://scoutregalia.com/


The next meetup is tentatively scheduled for August but more information coming soon as well as a possible September retreat.

In the meantime here are some current and upcoming events L(a)WD ladies are involved in:

Time and Materials:  Bridgette Buckley, Elizabeth Fiersten and Kari Merkl are part of this group show


4426 North Ravenswood Ave

July 13th- October 5th

-DOSE Market:  Strand Design will be a part of this months Dose Market

Sunday July 29th


-Strand Design and INDO open house

Thursday, August 2nd from 6pm – 9pm

1008 W Randolph St

If there is an event you would like to add please do!

Have a great month. Look forward to the next meeting!