Oct Meeting Notes

Notes:  10/9/13

We want to thank LWD member Donna Piacenza from Studio 1am for introducing us to a great Chicago resource and facilitating a great conversation around sharing resources.
-Maker Lab – part “Fab Lab” started in part by MIT
-Museum of Science and Industry:  
Here are some resources from the white board at Maker Lab:

Open-source design tools:
makercam.com– output files for CNC
pixlr.com– photo editor
tinkercad.com (alternative to google sketchup)

thingiverse.com (get open source cad ready to print to Markerbot!)

Resource sharing discussion:
Donna and her Husband Mike have been working on an idea for a local resource hub.  For anyone who did not attend but has some thoughts on the below questions please email donna:  donna@studio1am.com
In short, their interest lies in connecting designers/makers with local materials and manufacturing sources. 
1_ What sorts of material/manufacturing sourcing challenges are people facing right now? 
2_ What resources have people used in the past to find materials/manufacturing sources? How were they successful/unsuccessful?
On a smaller level we discussed resource sharing within our group:
-We currently have an open email address policy, making it easy for someone to email all to ask for resource questions ect.  This methods works good since our list grows monthly.  It was discussed as a group to include a private facebook page for the group or possibly add more information on the group blog.  
-any additional thoughts on the pros / cons of this
-other option to continue to make this group a good resource for material sourcing, manufacturing resources and even job openings or freelance gigs.
The next LWD meeting is planned for Wednesday November 13th at 7:30
Location:  TBA 
*We are moving LWD to be more collaborative to better involve everyone in the group.  If you want to host a future meeting or would like to facilitate a specific topic you are interested in and feel would be a great topic for the group let me know.  Always open to new ideas and events.
LWD member news and suggested events:
-LWD member Jamie Hayes will be showing new work:

Past Perfect: UNIFORM fashion & gallery show – Saturday, 11/2 starting at 7 pm, fashion show at 9 with Emcee Kim Soss.
Marshall Brown Projects

3621 South State St., Ground floor, Chicago IL 60609


-This event just happened in Portland with the help of the Portland LAWD group, 400+ people, mostly women attended, how rad is that!: