March Meeting Notes

Notes:  3/12/14

Thank you to LWD member Heather Anderson for hosting and inviting us into her great space for the March meeting.  The conversation was such a hit she may lead a future meeting and continue the conversation.


Heather wanted to ask 2 kick-off questions:

-What are the 3 words you want people to think when looking at your site?
-What is the one thing you want people to do when they go to your site?

We shared some of our websites and as a group discussed some successes, first impressions and issues that may want to be updated or considered to achieve our goals.

Important to consider:

-Navigation – new norm seems to be up / down but when does the down end and is bottomless bad or more in line with how people are viewing sites.

-Is your site “responsive” – how will people view it on mobile devices?  Does your site adjust gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers?

Other links and references that were brought up:

FEM Tech – a new take on startup incubation for female entrepreneurs –

Want to clear your unsavory web presence, running for president someday?

Internet Archive – Wayback Machine –

Maria Pinto’s new site and brand launch M2057.  Very clean online store –

Launch of Bruce Mau Design’s new site.  A good example of how a company with years of amazing influential design work can prioritize and categorize –

Makers – Women Who Make America (possible group viewing in future) –