Oct Meeting Notes

LWD Meeting Minutes – October 08, 2014


  • Heather Anderson, Alyson Beaton, Elizabeth Fiersten, Hyeonji Im, Lisa Janes, Florence Twu

Discussion themes:

October’s meeting was held at Heather Anderson’s home in Humboldt Park. The evening’s discussion centered around presenting and managing online presence through the myriad of platforms available to small businesses and individuals today. Anjulie Rao of the Chicago Architecture Foundation was also present to share her perspectives on social media, gained while professionally managing and generating social media content. Thank you, Heather, for opening your home and providing the resources and links at the end of these minutes.

  • Blogging — how useful is it to a small business?
    • blogging involves substantial written content while designers and design consumers tend to be more visually oriented — Instagram and Tumblr were identified as more visually-oriented platforms that are also easier to maintain
    • blogging seems to work best for critics and taste-makers who are curating or commenting on available products
    • blogging can be useful for presenting a more in-depth view of a practice
  • Twitter
    • identified as a platform that only works if one is “in it to win it”
    • like blogging, focuses on written content
    • has the ability to become unmanageable, response-wise
  • Facebook
    • still the social media “mothership”
    • advantages and disadvantages to setting up a business as a person — friend-ing, like-ing
    • the Facebook “Like” still highly recommended for promotion purposes
  • Instagram
    • identified as a group favorite for ease of use, visual content, and elegant interface
    • limited by ability to track views and traffic
  • Hootsuite
    • valuable resource for managing multiple social media accounts
    • relates to the interconnection of social media platforms and how they can feed traffic between one another — understanding this cross-traffic can provide increased sophistication in managing and harnessing social media as a business resource
  • Time to dedicate to social media — suggested rules of thumb
    • post content 1-2x a day
    • maintain any account / presence regularly or delete it
    • monitor traffic whenever possible
    • balance production capacity with exposure — overexposure can generate unmanageable demand which can consequently hurt business image
  • General observations on social media
    • “Followers” have not translated to customers in member experience
    • potential and existing customers appreciate “free stuff,” such as product tie-ins, posted to online platforms

The evening ended with viewings of two short films, Courtney Prokopas’ “what are you doing?” and Colin Palombi’s “Ode,” from Heather’s August 2014 Summer Shorts event.

Resources & Links:

Branding workshops — sundaysaucebrands.com

Social media — hootsuite.com

Web — andrewsuprenant.com; pitchdesignunion.com

Tracking — getharvest.com

Photography — snipsnapgo.com

Summer Shorts — summershortschicago.tumblr.com