March Meeting Notes


LWD Discussion Notes – March 10, 2015


Heather Anderson, Carly Cannell, Isabel Dec, Elizabeth Fiersten, Eve Fineman, Natalie Gulliver, Jamie Hayes, Erin Huizenga, Lisa Janes, Liz Kaar, Cathy Koca, Linda Pulik, Gerry Quinton, Darya Stefanovic, Jackie Villa, Bridgette Buckley

Discussion Themes:

March’s meeting was hosted by Jamie Hayes of Production Mode and Gerry Quinton of Morua Designs in their beautiful new studio and workshop, Department of Curiosities.

The evening began with a tour of their workspaces and an overview of each of their working methods. Following, they told us how they arrived at their current location and unique business model. They were looking for a more traditional studio space, but when they stumbled on this storefront, found it matched their desire to express transparency in the fashion manufacturing process.

They set up a shared business license connected to the space (while still maintaining their own separate business entities as well) to handle sales transactions end employment matters, which helps streamline overhead costs. Since moving in in late 2014, they’ve hit the ground running with events, parties and community interest, and of course lots of clothing production!

The meeting continued with a discussion and brainstorming session regarding their unique vision of a pop-up shop at their space, planned for December 2015. Here is an overview of the conversation:

  • Concept of show would fall somewhere between a marketplace and exhibition, highlighting local design and making connection between maker and product
  • Designed by Eve Fineman
  • Dates of show: December 3-20; applications available in July (entry fee$200/vendor); vendor list determined by September
  • Show would be staffed; Hours open to public: Tues-Sat 12-7pm, Sun 12-5pm
  • Each vendor would work one shift during the 3-week run
  • Elements of show:
    1. Opening party
    2. Panel discussion featuring LWD members
    3. Happy Hour
  • Possible emergent themes discussed
    • Ethically sourced materials, labor
    • Women & labor
    • Transparancy of process
    • Women running creative businesses

Thank you Jamie and Gerry!


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