November Meeting Notes

LWD Discussion Notes – November 23, 2015


  • Bridgette Buckley, Sharon Burdett, Pam Daniels, Eve Fineman (remote), Sara Huston, Jamie Hayes, Kari Merkl (remote), Colleen Murakami, Florence Twu

Meeting Summary:

November’s meeting was held at Catalyze ChicagoThe over-arching questions of the evening were: What does LWD hope to accomplish by becoming a formal nonprofit organization, and how will it go about accomplishing its goals? 

Issues discussed included:

  • coordination between Portland and Chicago groups
  • organizational mission statement
  • organizational logo
  • leadership structure
  • seeking membership dues
  • seeking grant funding
  • the process of becoming a nonprofit, both in Illinois & nationally
  • long-term goal of obtaining a dedicated space for hosting panel discussions, workspaces, and a showroom.

Other discussion items included:

  • Pronunciation of LWD – potentially “LoWD = loud”
  • Hashtag usage
    • #womendesigners
    • #lwdchicago
  • Member Sonia Yoon and Sharon Burdett’s event December 12th
  • Founder Kari Merkl will be in Chicago in January

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