January Gathering Notes

On January 25th, the LWD Chicago Board hosted a programming meeting at Department of Curiosities. Our goal was to ask our members to join us in taking on the role of creating the programming they would like to see over the next year.

First and foremost, The League of Women Designers is a member-led professional forum that exists to elevate women in interdisciplinary design and benefit the larger design community. These are our reasons for being.

Secondly, A 501(c)3 must be organized around a recognized exempt purpose, and our official non-profit purpose is education; the education of ourselves, one another, and the communities in which LWD exists.

With the ideals of being member-led, educational, and benefiting the community in mind, we would like to create our programming for 2018 in a way that taps into the spirit of our organization.

We want all of the events for 2018 to be created by the LWD community, for the LWD community, and we were delighted to see such a great turnout! All of the attendees contributed great ideas, and we’re all excited about 2018!