LWDThe League of Women Designers is a member-led professional forum that exists to elevate women in interdisciplinary design and benefit the larger design community. We do this by:

Increasing visibility of women in the design field through panel discussions, exhibitions, public lectures, and our online presence
Celebrating work created by women in the fields of design
Encouraging interdisciplinary design inspiration and collaboration
Cultivating a local community of female designers
Increasing national interconnection of female designers
Activating a design dialogue that educates and inspires the larger community
Educating the public about the fluidity of design practices and the specific contributions of women in design

LWD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


LWD is open to all women practicing in the professional design field. This may include but is not limited to:

Architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, design education, fashion design, design/build, experience design, brand design, design fabrication, and art practitioners who feel their work or process connects with the design process.  For information about joining the group please contact us here.

Chicago Chapter meets monthly


LWD – pronounced [LAWD] – giving nod to the origin of the group name – League of Awesome Women Designers.

The League of Women Designers was established in Portland in 2009, conceived as a means of pooling the minds of creative individuals who happened to be women.

Fueled by organic growth, the League of Women Designers gained a Chicago chapter in 2011, a NY chapter in 2016 and soon a Denver chapter. Like the Portland chapter, the goal is to foster and harness the collective energy that comes from an interdisciplinary network of designers.


*Interested in starting a LWD chapter in your city?  Drop us a line and we will help you get set up!